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  • Dylan Anderson

One Steamboat Council candidate has raised more than $8,400. The rest combined for $1,175.

House Our Community raises $26k in support of Ballot Measure 2I, including $10k from YVHA’s Brown Ranch development partner.

After last year’s cycle saw candidates raise money from more than 20 states, almost all money being donated to Steamboat Springs City Council candidates has come from the Yampa Valley.

The vast majority of it is going to just one candidate.

Steven Muntean, who is in the four-person race for the At-large seat on Council, has raised more than $8,400 in campaign donations as of Oct. 27, according to campaign finance documents published by the city on Monday. All other candidates for council have raised a total of $1,175.

Two more At-Large candidates have raised campaign funding. John Agosta has raised the second most with $650. He also made a $1,000 loan to his campaign. Daryl “Dog” Levin reported $100 total.

Amy Dickson, in the District 3 race, reported a total of $425 in contributions, with all but $50 of that being non-monetary. At-large candidate Robert Galorath did not report any contributions and District 3 candidate Jeff Liter did not make any filings.

The total of $9,575 to all candidates is less than two individual candidates raised in the 2021 council races. (Outgoing At-large Council member Eddie Briones had more than $9,600 alone in 2021.) Almost all the donations to candidates come from within Steamboat Springs, and just one came from out of state.

Steamboat Ballot Measure 2I

House Our Community has raised nearly $26k to support Steamboat Ballot Measure 2I, according to the campaign finance filings. If approved the ballot measure would designate 75% of Steamboat’s short-term rental tax to the Brown Ranch for at least six years, and potentially until 2042.

The fundraising includes a $10,000 contribution from The Michaels Organization. Michaels, one of the largest affordable housing developers in the nation, is the Yampa Valley Housing Authority’s development partner for the Brown Ranch.

The Steamboat Responsible Housing and Growth Committee has filed registration documents with the city saying it’s purpose is to oppose Ballot Measure 2I. The committee is considered "Small-Scale Issue Committee" which is only required to disclose fundraising after it exceeds $5,000.


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