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The Bugle's Story

The Yampa Valley Bugle is a locally owned, nonprofit, online community news resource covering the communities of Routt County, Colorado. The Bugle is an accessible, accountable and community-centered journalistic entity working to tell the stories, explain the issues and inform the people of the Yampa Valley. This way, they can be active participants in the decisions that will shape this special place for decades to come. Producing high-level, community journalism is The Bugle’s number one priority, and I hope that you will join me along the way.



The Bugle strives to elevate the quality of journalism in the Yampa Valley by covering the communities of Steamboat Springs, Hayden, South Routt and everywhere in between in a way that is fact-based, in-depth and nonpartisan. The Bugle will serve as a watchdog on local government, asking questions, reporting on decisions and exposing the issues that you need to know. The journalism The Bugle produces will allow the people of Routt County to better understand and participate in the decisions that shape their way of life.  

Who I am

My name is Dylan Anderson, and I came to the Yampa Valley in October 2020 to work as a reporter at the Steamboat Pilot & Today. I have since been inflicted with the so-called Yampa Valley curse that keeps so many people here longer than they initially planned. This is a community like nothing I have experienced before in my life, and I want to serve it by providing it with quality, locally produced journalism. I grew up in Minnesota, have a degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota and love all that Colorado has to offer.

2023 Winter Carnival Saturday Leica SLukens -585.jpg

Shannon Lukens/Steamboat Radio


Why I started The Bugle

After working at the Pilot for more than two years, I feel I can increase the level of journalism being done in the Yampa Valley by striking out on my own. Routt County and the communities that make it so special deserve multiple news sources. Competition makes everyone better. Introducing another news source for the community to consume high-quality journalism about the important issues of the valley will be good for the state of journalism in Northwest Colorado.

How you can help

I want The Bugle to be a reflection of the communities it serves by producing journalism that really matters to readers. If you have a news tip, story idea, photo you want to share or if you just want to share your observations, reach out to me. My contact information is all over this website, and this post outlines how you can reach me in several ways. While I have come to love this valley, I also am new to it and I have a lot to learn. I want to learn from and work with you to elevate journalism in the Yampa Valley.


The Bugle will always be guided by the Society of Professional Journalists’ code of ethics. Seek truth and report, minimize harm, act independently, and be accountable and transparent are the four pillars of that code. I believe that all journalists should subscribe to this code, as it ensures that the impact of the journalism we produce is informing and serving the community. Ethics are important, and I promise I will always abide by this code.

My ethics and values

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