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  • Dylan Anderson

Steamboat Council to have staff presentations on Brown Ranch in public

An overhead view of the Yampa Valley Housing Authority's Brown Ranch property. (Yampa Valley Housing Authority/Courtesy)

Steamboat Springs Council President Robin Crossan said council intends to adjust how it is holding executive sessions related to Brown Ranch Annexation going forward in an effort to increase transparency.

Council has had an extensive executive session at nearly every meeting since the annexation process started. Those closed-door sessions are followed with an update on Brown Ranch annexation, but those rarely include many details of what happened in executive session.

The main change would be that before going behind closed doors city staff would give their informational presentation in public, Crossan said.

“The hope is that we can, dependent on what the next topics are, that we could do the staff presentations at the regular council meeting and then go into executive session,” Crossan said. “We’re going to try to mix this up a little bit and try to have more of the presentations in the public eye before we do our negotiations.”


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