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  • Dylan Anderson

Muntean, Dickson elected to Steamboat Springs City Council

New council members will be sworn in on Nov. 14.

Steamboat Springs City Council has three new members after Steve Muntean and Amy Dickson won their respective races on Tuesday.

Muntean held a 258-vote lead in the crowded At-large race with just 150 votes outstanding across the county, ensuring he would be victorious. In the race, Muntean led with 1,695 votes, Agosta in second with 1,437 votes, Daryl “Dog” Levin with 942 votes and Robert Galorath with an even 300.

Dickson received more votes than any council candidate in any race as she cruised to a more than 2,000-vote victory. She won her race over Jeff Liter, 3,200 votes to 854.

Also elected Tuesday was District I council member Bryan Swintek who ran unopposed. District II Council member Michael Buccino won reelection on Tuesday as well, as he also ran unopposed.

The new council will be seated on Tuesday, Nov. 14.

“I am thrilled,” Dickson said. “I’m so excited to represent the community. That was, from the start, my only goal for being on City Council was to represent the community, so I’m psyched.”

All Steamboat Springs City Council results:


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