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  • Dylan Anderson

Introducing the Morning Bugle Newsletter, your community news in your inbox

The sun rises over the headwaters of the Yampa River. (Dylan Anderson/The Yampa Valley Bugle)

The Yampa Valley Bugle is an entirely online news website, which allows it to be more nimble and responsive to important news that is impacting our community and influencing the decisions our elected officials are making.

An important piece of getting the community news you need to readers will be the Morning Bugle Newsletter.

The Morning Bugle is a twice-a-week (sometimes more) curated newsletter that will be a quick summary of the day’s news and the stories on Expect to see the newsletter on Monday, Wednesday and the occasional Friday morning. It will grow over time, eventually becoming a daily update on the local news you need.

The Morning Bugle won’t simply link to news stories. Rather it will be quick summaries of stories, additional news jottings from a variety of community resources and a sampling of stories written by other news outlets in the Yampa Valley and beyond that you should check out.

The first Morning Bugle Newsletter will go out around 7 a.m. on Wednesday, April 26. Sign up for the newsletter at

In addition to summaries of the biggest stories The Bugle produces, part of the Morning Bugle will be a section called jottings. Think of these as quick hits on news that will be covered in a few quick sentences. It could be events in the community, updates from local organizations and links to stories that don’t merit a full summary.

You can submit jottings by emailing Try to keep your submission to a few sentences that clearly summarize the news you want to share. If you want to talk about your jotting idea, feel free to email me or give me a call.

The newsletter will also include links to stories other news outlets are doing. This could be stories about the Yampa Valley, broader issues that impact the community or topics impacting the state of Colorado as a whole. If you read a story you think should be shared in the newsletter, email it to me at

Lastly, I would love to use sunrise photos with the newsletter, and I am getting a little tired of the one I have been using. (I seem to have lots of sunset photos, and not many of the sunrise variety.) Send me your best photos of the morning sun over the Yampa Valley and where you took them at to be featured in the Morning Bugle Newsletter.


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