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  • Dylan Anderson

Candidates for Routt County Commissioner, State House set following uncompetitive primary elections

Routt County’s local races didn’t see a single contested primary.

Routt County’s primary election results reported on Tuesday night didn’t tell voters anything they didn’t already know, as races for the party nomination for local races were all uncontested.


Still, the primary cements the candidates for the Nov. 5 election. Key races include the House District 26 seat and two Routt County Commissioner seats in Districts One and Three.


Candidates for House District 26 include Rep. Meghan Lukens, a Democrat from Steamboat Springs and Republican Nathan Butler of Craig.


Lukens received 6,377 votes throughout the district, with 2,438 of those votes coming in Routt County, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office and local results reported by the Routt County Clerk and Recorder's Office. Butler received a total of 5,000 votes, with 1,205 of those coming in Routt County.


Candidates for South Routt’s District One Commissioner seat being vacated by Commissioner Tim Corrigan include Republican Brent Romick and Democrat Angelica Salinas. Romick received 1,302 Republican primary votes, while Salinas received 2,183 Democratic primary votes.


Candidates for West Routt’s District Two Commissioner seat include incumbent Commissioner Tim Redmond, a Democrat, and Republican Tracy Lawton. Redmond received a total of 2,289 Democratic primary votes, while Lawton received 1,158 Republican primary votes.


The 2024 General Election is scheduled for Nov. 5.

Top Photo Caption: Two of Routt County's three commissioner seats are on the ballot in November. (Dylan Anderson/The Yampa Valley Bugle)


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