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A legacy of over a century of performing arts in Steamboat Springs

Performing Arts Alliance is looking for help to house performers while in Steamboat Springs to perform this summer.

The Performing Arts Alliance is a collection of eight local performing arts groups that work together to support each other in their work. (Performing Arts Alliance/Courtesy)

Steamboat Springs has an exceptional performing arts history. Beginning in 1913 when Portia Mansfield and Charlotte Perry arrived to set up their dance and theater school, the performing arts have flourished in our special mountain town.

And the vibrance of our performing arts community continues to thrive today. In the 110 years since Portia and Charlotte made Steamboat Springs their home, our community of performing arts has grown into 8 extraordinary organizations: Colorado New Play Festival, Perry-Mansfield, Pik Nik Theater, Opera Steamboat, Steamboat Dance Theatre, Strings Music Festival, Steamboat Symphony Orchestra and Yampa Valley Choral Society

Eight performing arts groups are both a blessing and a challenge in a small mountain town like ours. Over time, we realized that there was a lot of cross-over in our audience and donor population. More and more, we found ourselves inadvertently stepping on each others toes, scheduling performances on the same night, holding simultaneous donor events, which often put our incredibly generous patrons in an bind: which event to attend?!

Thus, in 2017 we decided as a performing arts community to join forces informally as the Performing Arts Roundtable. The Executive Directors of the 8 organizations began meeting monthly. At first, our goals were pragmatic: sharing performance information, sharing schedules, and so on. But over time, as we grew in relationship and grew to understand in a deeper way the needs and goals of each organization, we realized that there was more we could do together. In 2021, the organizations rebranded as the Performing Arts Alliance and began a more concentrated campaign to share with the world, the extraordinary legacy of more than 100 years of performing arts in northwest Colorado.

Today, we have informational rack cards placed in locations across Colorado telling the story of the performing arts in Steamboat Springs. And our newest marketing effort is a video, highlighting our performing arts community, that will play throughout the summer at the airport in Hayden!

Our budgets continue to be small but there is so much heart and passion in this community behind the stories we tell, not to mention world-class performances. When fans ask what they can do to help, donations are always welcomed! But there is another, really critical way to help defray expenses: and that is to host one of our guest artists.

Housing for our guest artists is needed year-round. Whether you have a spare bedroom and bath in your home, have a condo not occupied full-time, or are a second homeowner/part-time resident, your performing arts community needs your help!

Why do we need it? The majority of our performing artists who come to our Steamboat stages come from across Colorado, the United States and around the world. And it really puts a dent in our small budgets to rent condos and/or hotel rooms.

For how long do we need it? The stays vary from a few days to a week or more, depending on what performance is happening in town. Our online calendar allows you to plan in advance as well as choose the number of hosting nights convenient for your schedule and your home.

We have a loyal pool of housing donors that have hosted artists for many years but we are growing and need more availability!

What’s in it for you? Each organization has a benefits package for you, the housing donor, as a thank you. This varies by organization.

But the real benefit is getting to know a professional musician in an informal setting. What is the lifestyle of a professional musician? Where will they go after they leave Steamboat? What favorite pastimes, and hobbies do these elite performers enjoy? How did a life in the arts begin?

And if you are a parent of a budding musician, imagine the inspiration your youngster would gain by spending some quality time with a pro!

You can get to know these exceptional artists by volunteering to be a home host! Interested? For more information, contact:


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