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  • Dylan Anderson

10th Street in Steamboat Springs closes for good on Monday

Demolition of old city hall building will lead to additional truck traffic to start May

10th Street in downtown Steamboat Springs will close for good on Monday. (City of Steamboat Springs/Courtesy)

As demolition of Steamboat Springs’ old city hall building is set to start next month, 10th Street is set to close for good on Monday.

The street between the old city hall building and Centennial Hall will eventually turn into a civic plaza. The part of 10th Street connected to Lincoln Ave will be shorted to a stub that will have some parking spaces and lead to the new city hall and fire station.

City staff moved out of the building last month and recent weeks have seen internal work to mitigate asbestos in the 62-year-old building.

“We’ve made every effort to remove as much of the facility as possible in a sustainable way,” said Deputy City Manager Tom Leeson in a release on Wednesday. “As asbestos abatement comes to an end, we’ll move to the next phase of the project - demolition of the old facility.”

Demolition will begin next week and the contractor will work to recycle as much of the metals, concrete, asphalt and other material as possible. As demolition progresses, there will be increased truck traffic turning on to 10th Street from Lincoln for two to three weeks.


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