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  • Dylan Anderson

Two Hayden ballot measures still too close to call; 2E currently has one vote difference

There are potentially 150 more ballots to be counted, with 122 of those needing to be cured by the voter by Nov. 15.

A Hayden ballot measure to change the residency requirements to be a registered elector in Hayden may be headed for a recount, as it is currently being decided by just one vote.

As of the last election night update, Hayden Ballot Measure 2E was failing 237 to 238.

Just above that on the ballot, Hayden Ballot Measure 2D was also failing by a very slim, four-vote margin late into the night on Tuesday with 230 for and 234 against. 2D would make a change to the town’s charter to no longer require Town Council to appoint the Finance Director.

Across Routt County, there are still 150 ballots to be tallied. Of those, 122 are ballots that need to be cured by the voter before the end of the day on Nov. 15. Additionally, 28 ballots were held back to ensure the anonymity of any cured ballots.

It is unclear exactly how many of those votes are in Hayden, but these results could change when those final 150 ballots are released after the cure process.

Hayden Ballot Measure 2C did pass on Tuesday by a wide margin of 372 for and 109 against. This cleaned up language in the town charter about council vacancies. Due to a quirk in how the charter was written, council could only declare a council vacancy and fill it if it became vacant for some identified reasons. The charter had not contemplated how to fill a vacancy in all scenarios though, so this change allows council to declare a vacancy when there is one for any reason.


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