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  • Dylan Anderson

How community organizations can be a part of The Bugle

New section will allow local groups to submit updates on their work

Steamboat Springs
Downtown Steamboat Springs. (Dylan Anderson/The Yampa Valley Bugle)

By the end of next week, I plan to launch another section of The Yampa Valley Bugle. This section will feature columns and general updates from organizations and elected officials across the Yampa Valley.

Steamboat Pilot & Today does something similar, and I have always thought it was a valuable piece of what it did. Sometimes updates from nonprofits or other community groups don’t rise to the level of a full story and as my time is limited, I want to offer these organizations a chance to share their news with the communities they serve.

I plan to call the section “Community.” It will look similar to the sections already on in appearance, but all the articles will be written by these organizations.

When I post new articles in the Community section, I will mention them in the Jottings section of the Morning Bugle Newsletter.

While I am inviting local elected officials to send these updates, I am not looking for political content. At this time, I do not plan to publish columns from local political parties or from candidates in elections. While I plan to cover elections, stories in that regard will be reported by me and placed in the news section.

Articles can be submitted to me with a new email address: This address still sends everything to my main inbox, but it sorts things in a way that I won’t miss them when they come in.

I hope to launch with a few articles, so if any community organization has an update, please share it in the coming days. When you do, please include some sort of photo, who is in it and who took it so I can give proper credit.

There will be a loose limit of one submission a month for each community group and I ask that these updates be 700 words or less. While space isn’t really a limitation, I find that the more concise you can be with stuff like this, the more likely people are to take the time to read it.

If you have any questions, please reach out at


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